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Highveld Taxidermists has served hunters from all parts of the globe for over 30 years. With three decades of experience, we are proud to offer you some of the best taxidermy services available – anywhere in the world! 

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Mozambique Hunting Fees

Mozambique: 2x Areas. Zambezi Delta and Cabo Delgado near the Tanzania border. 10 day Buffalo hunt: $15 960 including Trophy Buffalo and Government fee. 7 day Buffalo hunt: $14 260 including Trophy Buffalo and Government fee.   *Both packages include the...

South Africa Hunting Fees

Limpopo Province32 500 total acres Bush Lodge Specie: Price: USD   Buffalo 9500   Blue Wildebeest 875  Baboon (CITES) 100   Caracal 300   Duiker 375   Eland 1650   Gemsbuck 975   Giraffe (CITES) 1875   Honey Badger  1200   Impala 475   Jackal 75   Kudu 1875   Nyala...

Hunting stories
The Dagga-boy

The Dagga-boy

Kim Lockhart came all the way from Canada with his lovely wife Jackie and their daughter Alisha....

How To’s
How To: Hunting the Bongo

How To: Hunting the Bongo

I would like to add to the article by Cleve Cheney in the October issue titled: Bow hunting the Bongo.I was blessed to have hunted these magnificent animals professionally in the Rainforest’s of Africa with both rifle and bow. The clients that usually hunt for Bongo...

How To: Hunting the Bongo

How To: The Best Calibre for Arica

You booked your first African Safari and you are counting the days until you board the flight. You are going to hunt plains game ranging from the huge 2 000lb Eland to the 15lb Steinbuck and hopefully a few other animals.You look at your collection of rifles and...

How To: Hunting the Bongo

How To: Double vs Bolt Action

Double vs Bolt perspective in reality: There have been thousands of arguments and posts in the past about what is best to use on a Dangerous Game hunt. I am not going to repeat it. I am just going to look at it from a different angle. To be able to give a valid...

How To: Hunting the Bongo

How To: Calibre Choices for Buffalo in Africa

This topic has been covered a lot from when our forefathers started using black powder to propel lead balls in the hope of hunting buffalo. I am not going to copy what was written before but rather give prospective clients something to think about when they plan to...