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We offer great Hunting Safaris for both Bow- and rifle hunters for animals from the mighty Elephant to the tiny Grysbok, on large exclusive areas in well managed and safe concessions.


Rifle Hunting

The Professional Hunters at Fritz Rabe Adventures have an outstanding reputation for etiquette, knowledge, professionalism and dedication for any rifle hunter. Fritz Rabe himself is a qualified Gun-smith and Long-range-shooting Instructor.

At Fritz Rabe Adventures we offer the best in true hunting be it for the tiny elusive Blue Duiker in a Sub-tropical environment or the 5 ton Elephant in the warm Limpopo Valley.
At Fritz Rabe Adventures we hunt, we do not shoot or partake in any quick shooting activity.

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Bird Shooting

For the discerning Wing-shooter Fritz Rabe Adventures has rights in some of the best areas in South Africa where wild sustainable populations of birds are harvested in season.
Water-fowl like the great Spur-wing Goose and Egyptian Goose or the different Ducks and Teal in the Western Cape Wheat fields to the thousands of Rock pigeons that darken the sky on their early morning flights.
Fritz Rabe Adventures offer the best of wing shooting activities for any shotgunner. Guns and ammunition can also be supplied at a tiny fee for those who do not wish to travel with fire arms


Bow Hunting

Fritz Rabe himself has been an active bow hunter for the past 30 years with more than 1 500 animals that he harvested by arrow. He has been a full time Professional Hunter since 1990 and this guarantees that your expectations will be exceeded when booking your bow hunt through Fritz Rabe Adventures.

The type of hunting that is offered depends on the area and the specie that is targeted. Ground blinds will be used most of the time for the normal Plains-game species and stalking for others like Elephant and Buffalo.

Contact Fritz Rabe Adventures for any advice needed for any African Bow hunt.

Experience The Hunting Land

South Arica

Fritz Rabe Adventures offers true hunting of wild self sustainable animals and not commercial shooting in small camps.
The areas that we have exclusive rights on are between Ten thousand and Two million acres in size. We do not hunt “Captive bred” animals and pride ourselves that we offer hunting the way it was intended by fair chase and always in an ethical way. Be it Bow-hunting, Rifle-hunting, Bird shooting or even Black-powder or Handgun hunting, we can customise your expectations with great results.

Fritz Rabe Adventures has the hunting rights for diverse areas with unique species like the Cape Grysbok and Bontebok in the Western Cape to the Big-5 in the Limpopo province and everything in between


Zambezi Delta, Mozambique

The mighty Zambezi River that cuts Southern Africa from West to East forms a huge Delta in Central Mozambique with vast flood-plains along with thick riverine bush and every habitat in between. This was an area mostly devoid of humans during the long war that was fought in the country except for the local fishermen and their families.
Although the wildlife suffered during the war and animals were poached indiscriminately, the numbers of animals like Buffalo, Sable, Waterbuck etc. have increased in numbers over time that sustainable off-take is now part of the management of the whole area.
Herds of up to 40 Waterbuck bulls can be seen feeding on the flood-plain and buffalo herds in excess of 500 can be looked at. The total animal population is healthy and with a full time Anti-poaching operation, the area is well managed.
The hunting in this area can be real challenging depending on the specie. Early mornings out looking for Buffalo to return only late in the evening will leave any hunter filled with respect that will change to total joy after the old bull is bagged and in the salt. Bow- or rifle hunting can be done in this magical place where Africa is still wild and true.

Latest prices

Mozambique Hunting Fees

Mozambique: 2x Areas. Zambezi Delta and Cabo Delgado near the Tanzania border. 10 day Buffalo hunt: $15 960 including Trophy Buffalo and Government fee. 7 day Buffalo hunt: $14 260 including Trophy Buffalo and Government fee.   *Both packages include the...

South Africa Hunting Fees

Limpopo Province32 500 total acres Bush Lodge Specie: Price: USD   Buffalo 9500   Blue Wildebeest 875  Baboon (CITES) 100   Caracal 300   Duiker 375   Eland 1650   Gemsbuck 975   Giraffe (CITES) 1875   Honey Badger  1200   Impala 475   Jackal 75   Kudu 1875   Nyala...

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